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VOL. 1, ISSUE 1 APRIL 2019

April Newsletter KOC
GRAND KNIGHT  Keith Gadacz 320-223-1371 gkkofccouncil1491@gmail.com

The meeting minutes are attached to the email along with this Newsletter.
Brother Knights. This is a quick hit of things you should know for the next few weeks. April 4: Mass 5:30. Forming Intentional Disciples 6PM, Meeting 7PM. Volunteer to bring the small meal for the brother Knights? April: Campaign for people with intellectual disabilities (Tootsie Rolls). May: Rosaries for Mary before Thursday Night Masses. Who is leading each? Not sure the facility use for is in place yet. May 2, 9 16, 23, 30. May 26th: Cannisters will be handed out for the next RSVP and seminarian funds. Reminder: They are collected in September (Labor Day, Sept 1-2) June 23: Corpus Christi Process on Sunday June 23 after the St. Francis 11:15 Mass. We would love to have as many 4th Degree Honor Guard members in Uniform or Regalia as well as 3rd degree Knights in their Shirt/Vests.

FINANCIAL SECRETARY  Leonard Skillings 218-232-6688 fskofccouncil1491@gmail.com
Hello to my fellow Knights, I am your new FS. I look forward to the new challenge and working with all of you. I will do my best to promote the Brotherhood and recruit new members. Please reach out and help me where you can.
I have learning curve but am sure it will be short. Thanks to Jesse who is giving me some guidance. If I can be of any help to you please let me know.
Currently we are in need of new members. I do not pretend to have all the answers but I will pray to our Lord to fill the seats, if it be his will.

RECORDER  Mike Gangl 218-829-6127 ASRM3@yahoo.com

Knights of Columbus 1491 Meeting minutes from 3/7/19

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. 10 members present. No February meeting so no minutes for February. 1st Degree conferred on Phil Laube before meeting and joined us for meeting.

No Treasurer so partial report by Jesse: Charity $770, Jim Campbell $311, Student Loan $336, Soup Kitchen $396, Wheel Chair $341, and Supporting Women of Parish $396.

Grand Knight Report: Bingo brought in about $1500 and after expenses of around $150 should clear $1350 for 3 bingos as 1 was cancelled due to weather and was not made up. To get State Awards need to bring in 1 more Knight by the end of March. Should get Columbian Award though after Novena done as have the following programs done in each of the categories: Community: Helping Hands, Soup Kitchen, New Pathways, Free Throw Contest, School – D.C. Trip, and Highway Pickup. Life: Special Olympics Bowling, Novena (will be doing), Marriage Mentors, and Tootsie Roll Drive. Faith: Spirit Reflection, Men’s Conference, 40 Hours, Corpus Christi Procession, RSVP (cannisters), All Saints Capital Campaign, and Forming Intentional Disciples Study. Family: Consecration to the Holy Family, May and October Rosaries, Keep Christ In Christmas Poster Contest, and Family Server Party. Received Thank You from 8th Graders for DC Trip Donation. Tootsie Roll Drive in April – Leonard will chair. Highway Pickup in May – Joe Desmarais to organize. Keith will ask for reimbursement from State for donation to RSVP once he gets the cancelled checks from Philip. Will give out cannisters again Memorial Day Weekend. Rosaries in May before Thursday night masses 5/2, 5/9, 5/16,5/23, and 5/30. Need volunteers to lead them. Women’s Appreciation Day cost of $1250.00 a little over $600 in donations and $396 in Supporting Women of Parish Fund so net of around $250 cost to council. 40 Hours 3/29 thru 3/31 Knights to cover Midnight to 2:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights. 4th Degree Knights for closing ceremony. Knights to do Novena for Life watch for email for details. Knights to be involved in Corpus Christi, Bishop Serba to bless St. Andrews remodel 6/22 and bless St. Francis remodel 6/23 at 10:00 a.m. and a procession from St. Francis to St. Andrews at 12:15. Jan Lendobeja asking for Knights to help at Birthright State Convention being held at St. Francis 9/20 and 9/21. Once remodeling done at St. Francis Knights to do donuts the 2nd Sunday of each month. Request form Crosslake Council to help with a State Bowling event 3/28/20 but will pass on that with all the events we already have planned. Many events leadings up to the 150th anniversary in 2020 and Knights will have events to do as part of that.
Grand Knight to send link to video of Pat Borden Brother Knight working at Super One supporting Productive Alternatives. Still need volunteers to run a Grow the Order Program to get new members.

Financial Secretary’s report: 18 members have still not paid their dues. The Landing Page is now active and can be used to refer men interested in the Knights to. Recommended leaving the investments as is for the Stifel Account.

Committee Report: Brian Farrell reported Painting Day for women of our Parish held at All Saints went well and had close to 5o women there. Unfinished business: Keith and Norm will be going to the State Convention to represent our Council.

New business: Leonard Skillings will be taking the Financial Secretary Position and Jesse will be Grand Knight if no one else is interested. Request for donation to support a group trying to bring the movie Unplanned to Brainerd. motion by Brian to give $100, 2nd by Nick. Motion passed.

District Deputy: 4th Degree in Bloomington 5/3 thru 5/5. 4th Degree in Marshall in July. 4th Degree in Winona in the fall. State Convention in Alexandria 5/17 thru 5/19. Supreme Convention 8/5 thru 8/9 at Mpls Convention Center, Opening mass 8/6/19. Silver Rose Program coming as well.

Good of the Order: New Knight Phil Laube, Our Council, Norm’s great nephew Kyrin Mileski, unborn, Pastors, Seminarians, and for successful fish fry’s during Lent. Meeting adjourned 8:10 p.m.


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